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Fast. Convenient.

100% Electronic

No more ink smudges-our trained specialists take your fingerprints with high-quality digital scanners.

Accurate Identification

Your prints get checked against official government databases for any record of criminal history.

Quick Results

Your background check results get sent directly to the organization that requested your live scan.

How To Get A Live Scan

Do your research

Get the required information from your employer or requesting agency, requirements vary by State:

  • California: Applicants are required to have a Request for Live Scan Service form.
  • Florida: Applicants are required to have an ORI number.
  • Illinois: Applicants are required to have an ORI number.
  • Not all states offer live scan services, so you may have to submit an ink fingerprint card.

Find a Fingerprinting Location

We offer a nationwide network of fingerprint enrollment centers, you will need to bring:

  • A request form, an ORI number or an ink fingerprint card
  • A valid form of government ID
  • A payment method

Get Fingerprinted

Our certified fingerprint technicians will capture your fingerprints and transmit them for a fingerprint-based background check.

They can also provide you with a copy of your fingerprints on an ink fingerprint card.